Sex and Danger

Sex and Danger, Sex and Death, Sex and Risk

     Sex is fun, sex is pleasurable, sex is essential to the continuation of the species.  So why do we equate it so often with death, danger, depravity, and risk-taking?  Just consider:

     1. Some writers (and others) describe having an orgasm as “la petite mort” (the little or small death).  The individual blacks out after an orgasm and may experience a spiritual release because of it.

     2.  Some people find their enjoyment of sex increased if they are in a dangerous situation of some kind.  The couple who were recently busted for having oral sex on a flight to Vegas comes to mind, but that’s a mild example. Come to think of it, how many of us get our kicks from tying each other up while in the sack?  Going further, some people actually flirt with Death.  This is the case with those who experiment with erotic asphyxiation, which is the restriction of blood to the brain for sexual arousal and gratification.  Some have gone too far and died, such as the well-known star, David Carradine.

The cover below for one of my stories, involving having sex blindfolded in a steam room with a strange unknown “woman,” also involves a dangerous risk. How far will some of us go to have the greatest sex of our lives?

steam-heat-333x500 - Copy

Published by Muse It Up Publishing, available at  (and other vendors).

     3. It’s even been suggested that without danger and the reality of approaching death, humans would lose interest in sex.  Comparatively speaking, we are a long-lived species on this planet, but we feel the hot breath of mortality on our reproductive regions, and because we can die at any time, we also feel a pressing need to procreate and pass our genes on.  Otherwise that muscular hunk or beautiful lass could whistle for all the interest they could generate in us.  Well, I don’t know if I quite believe that, but it’s something to think about.

     There’s so much to say on this subject.  I’ve barely scratched the surface. Sex and love are beautiful and natural, yet there’s so much which is dark, nasty, distorted, and perverted in the human psyche.  <Drop me a comment on the website and let me know what you think.>  Below is the cover from perhaps my most twisted story on what can happen to the sexual drive in the human psyche when a natural human desire becomes diseased.


Published by Muse It Up Publishing, Available at Muse It Up Publishing:

Also available at other vendors such as


Alien, Exotic Earth

Otherworldly Scenes on our own Earth

I often write about strange, alien worlds in fanciful, enchanted realms of the imagination far, far away.  But you know, some of the most otherworldly, fantastically beautiful and haunting scenes can be found right here on planet Earth.  A friend of mine, Jacqueline Falkenhan, recently sent me dozens of amazing photos.  Because of space limitations, I can only include six.  See if you don’t agree . . . these places could exist somewhere beyond the rainbow or on worlds beyond the stars.

Tamblian Lake, Indonesia

Stunning Photographs That Will Leave You in Awe

The beauty of Guilin, China

Stunning Photographs That Will Leave You in Awe

Neuschwanstein Castle , Germany

 Stunning Photographs That Will Leave You in Awe

 Beautiful Burma

Stunning Photographs That Will Leave You in Awe

Stunning. Lake Louise in Canada

Stunning Photographs That Will Leave You in Awe

The Temple of Sky, Iceland

Stunning Photographs That Will Leave You in Awe


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