Book 3 of my Inspector of the Cross SF Action-Adventure series completes the Turtan Trilogy.

  Turtan returns home after 4000 years, and all HELL breaks loose! 

Defender of the Flame 333x500



Turtan Defends the Flame of Hope against the alien menace.

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The first chapter begins . . .

     How do you make love to two women at the same time?

     He’d done it before, of course, during dissolute, drug-crazed orgies after a century or longer mission. When loneliness for female company filled him with a great hunger and he’d go mad if he didn’t know another’s passionate, even lecherous embrace.  Whatever their appearance, these women had shared one trait in common.

     All of them had possessed separate, distinct bodies that went their own way when the lovemaking was over.

     Such was not true with his wife Yaneta and Kit Killer. 


Escaping the enemy-infested mine on Lauren with his wife Kit/Yani and Sky,

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Turtan flies toward the First Station where he graduated four thousand years before.   Using Radiants, intelligent submicroorgan-isms in his brain, he hopes to train cadets to defeat the Cen and ultimately win the war. On the way to achieving this goal, however, he encounters serious problems. First, after passing through Atlas, a black hole, they enter a new or unknown part of the universe with no clear way back.

When they do manage to reach the First Station, Turtan not only finds love and
adoration, but a cruel killer.

And everywhere he finds dark secrets, betrayal, and worst of all…FAILURE as again and again his efforts to train cadets result in tragedy.

It seems there is no hope for humanity and we are doomed. Can’t anything save us at all?

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