Three Movie Trailers for my Novels


Science Fiction. Sex, Adventure, Alien Worlds – A SENSELESS ACT OF BEAUTY — Earth visits a beautiful world with
delectable alien females and especially Nightsong, who is pictured below in the video.  movie3

Sex, romance, and adventure await Aaron and his crew on Viridis, an alien world as heavenly as Eden.  Soon they discover a vast underground complex filled with scientific wonders left by a godlike race.  Why did these Creators leave, and what could go wrong? – Created July 2016 by John B. Rosenman, available on Amazon and other vendors.  Available at Amazon:



DAX RIGBY, WAR CORRESPONDENT — Created 2012 by Graceland Book Video, available on Amazon and other vendors. Amazon:


The TURTAN TRILOGY — Created March 2016 by Kevin Hopson, available on Amazon and other vendors.  Amazon:

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