Do You Like Scary HALLOWEEN Fiction?


 “Time of goblins, ghosts, and ghouls . . .   Haunted hours when Satan rules . . .”                                        danny


DANIEL, MY SON, Available at – Suppose you went out trick-or-treating with your seven-year-old son on Halloween and something terrible happened? He ran up a walk to a house and just disappeared, and you could never find him. Suppose a year later on Halloween your grief-stricken wife demands that you take the plastic, candy-filled pumpkin container which is all you could find of your only child and retrace the route you went with Danny? She tells you that unless you find him and bring him back to her, you should never return.

What would you do?

And what—if anything—will you find when you go out into the night on this mad, hopeless quest and visit the same sympathetic neighbors as the year before?                                 

    STEAM HEAT – Chad Benson, a rugged construction worker, has always had his way with women until a mysterious, irresistible visitor blindfolds and seduces him in a steam room. She compels him to make an ominous promise to accept the consequences of their union, whatever they might be.

    For the first time, Chad becomes obsessed with a member of the opposite sex and roams the health spa, seeking the red-haired girl who he believes is his seducer. The totally new experience of falling in love is an emotion he’ll desperately need when he faces a deadly evil.  Available at

   WET DREAMS – A summer-long vacation and a lavish mansion in the country to enjoy it in. What could possibly go wrong? For John and Karen Santos, it provides a wonderful opportunity to heal their marriage, which has been damaged by John’s infidelity.

While there, they sleep in a waterbed surrounded by ghostly, watchful mirrors. In a dream, John is visited by Laura Martin, the wife of Rex Martin, the mansion’s previous owner. Soon sex and murder embrace in a dark, twisted psychodrama, and John confronts an age-old question: Does anyone ever really know another person, even if you’re married to her?  Available at

About John Rosenman

I'm a retired English professor at Norfolk State University, and I've published over 300 short stories and about 20 novels and books, most in the SF/F/H areas.
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