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1. A SENSELESS ACT OF BEAUTY 5.0 out of 5 stars — A powerful tale of love and wonder, July 11, 2011 By DJP – See all my reviews This review is from: A Senseless Act of Beauty (Kindle Edition)  AVAILABLE AT:

Cleverly mixing some traditional sci-fi elements: an alien planet ripe for conquest, an arrogant and rapacious paternalistic invader, indigenous humanoids who cause fascination and wonder, and mysterious technological forefathers, A Senseless Act of Beauty also includes tales from the African Mythos of our future past, and more than a dash of love and heartbreak as it weaves a tale of hope, the surrender to love, and a quest for understanding.

It is the central character Aaron’s journey of self-belief and understanding his place in things that sets up the story, and around it we see the story change from his view as a visiting scientist to a fierce protector of the planet Viridis. Beginning with a defining moment of his youth that shapes his future instincts, the author takes you through Aaron’s transformations as he learns to love, grieve, love again, and ultimately triumph over the very forces of mindless subjugation and assimilation of which he was initially a part.


The native aliens of Viridis also undergo a distinct journey. Although physically and psychically far more evolved than humans, they are emotionally stunted, naïve and split along gender lines – believing their omnipotent Creators to have deserted them as a failed experiment and doomed to extinction due to the overbearing mental dominance of the females over the repressed males. In Aaron they see their saviour, and as with the other males of his crew, he is coerced into gifting reproduction to his mate, Nightsong. What follows is a bizarre evolutionary rollercoaster at high speed as Aaron and the aliens try to leap the gap in fertility, causing distress and anger amongst both Aaron and his former Captain and their offspring.

Woven into the love and heartbreak of these genetic problems is the discovery of the Creators machines below the ground and their array of awesome and terrifying powers – all of which lead to Aaron realising his potential (as bound and retold in the stories of his native heritage) and destiny as guardian of Viridis against the returning, now warlike Humans who want to carve up the planet for its riches. A final conflict brings a neat fulfilment to the story and leaves room for glimpses of what might yet be. Rich with astonishing sights and sounds, primal fears and advanced technology, the simplicity of love and faith and the ugly faces of envy, greed and mistrust – this book is a magical tale that will have you hanging on right to the end.

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Title: A Senseless Act Of Beauty Author: John B. Rosenman Publisher: Blade Publishing Publisher’s Address: ISBN: 978-1-897560-09-9 Genre: Futuristic Romance/Science Fiction Romance/ Adult Pages: 231 Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey/Ramsey’s Reviews/ Rating: 5 stars

Aaron Okonkwo was raised to honor his people’s heritage. Growing up as an Igbo in a Nigerian tribe located on the continent of Africa, which is known for its savagery, disease stricken and barren lands. As a child, Aaron dreamed of commanding a star fleet sent out to preserve life on other planets.

Well, part of his dream came true. Aaron works for the Confederate star fleet as a bio-botanist and is part of a team sent out to scope the planet Viridia under the watchful eye of Abe Pritchett, the Captain. Aaron, along with 3 other men, paired with 3 women, perform different tasks on this mysterious, Eden-like planet. The only thing standing in their way is the beautiful and voluptuous female alien creatures who are succeeding in seducing the human men. While working, Aaron was mesmerized by all the incredible life forms and enjoyed cataloging the new and familiar, but as he gazed upon the tantalizing naked body of an alien female, Night Song, Aaron felt the alluring pull of her pheromones beckoning him to become her mate.

After several days with Night Song and trying to unveil the mysteries of alien race, Aaron notices, there is something amiss about this so called paradise, and it’s strange exotic inhabitants. When the other men of his team are rejected by their females, Aaron’s true purpose is exposed. Upon landing on Viridia, all the men were bitten by a bug that was intended to alter their DNA so the female Viridians could procreate outside their species enabling them to save their dying race before time runs out. However, the Viridian females did not expect the stubbornness of Aarons determination to learn the truths behind the female Viridians’ deceit. The GOD like Creators brought life to all creatures and vegetation on the planet, Viridia. Now it’s time for the Viridians to fight for what they believe in, freedom and the survival of their species. Will the presence of the Confederate forces cause all Viridians to become slaves and used as experiments by the Confederate? Will Aaron realize his true power over the protection of all life or will he disregard his destiny and love for an alien creature? All it takes is a senseless act of beauty.

I am afraid my words cannot do this book, A Senseless Act Of Beauty, the justice it truly deserves. This is a sensational, “Out Of This World” story, full of emotion, substantial meanings and the mind-blowing effects of a love between a human and alien, not to mention the adoration of an alien planet. A love so great that it causes one to believe they can achieve miraculous things hidden deep within their soul. John B. Rosenman has displayed genuine talent for his world building technique, flawless story line and keen emotional expression. I look forward to reviewing much more of John B. Rosenman’s work in the future. This book is recommended to any reader, who is interested in Adult Futuristic Romance/ Science Fiction.



John B. Rosenman weaves an intricate plot and a most exciting tale with mind-stretching concepts that make us look at the universe in a new way. This book is classified as science fiction, but there is a lot more romance and intrigue than in your ordinary SF materials.  Berry’s Reviews and The New Book Review          

With a strong science fiction setting, John B. Rosenman explores the importance of culture, compassion and love by pitting a race that has none of these qualities against a number of species. Alien Dreams is, in my opinion, John Rosenman’s most substantial offering to date. One could say that he shows us what it is to be human by slowly tearing everything that means away from Captain Eric Latimore, all the while holding up the angels as examples of the horror of what he is to become.  Clayton Bye, Book Reviews



1. Childhood’s Day

(Reviews are condensed for space reasons.)

5.0 out of 5 stars Review of Childhood’s Day, January 23, 2014

By Ruth J. Burroughs “Isle Burroughs” (Ithaca, New York United States)

This review is from: Childhood’s Day (Kindle Edition)

In Childhood’s Day Rosenman uses the word reprography, which is like “a photograph of a photograph”, but in this instance a living 3d photograph of genetic material. Using the alias Steve Morrison, John, “Jack”, Winter, the main character enters a baker’s shop. The code name delivers him to a secret and highly illegal memory-cloning operation.

You don’t have to be familiar with Ubik, memory technology, or cloning, to enjoy this short piece by Rosenman on your phone, tablet, kindle or nook, riding the subway on your way to work, or during your lunch break. It’s a story about childhood, memory and relationships and what lengths we’ll go to, and what choices we’ll make to search for answers that cause us to destroy our happiness in the present moment. The question is would you make a copy of yourself and why? For the price of a cup of gourmet coffee you can see how Rosenman explores this question in clear and plain prose in the manner of Pohl Anderson and Frederick Pohl. He doesn’t try to impress us with a lot of technobabble words, but gets right down to the heart of the story. Just the kind of science fiction I love to read. Those who’ve read Ursula K. Le Guin or Philip K. Dick will enjoy this.

5.0 out of 5 stars Science fiction at its best, January 20, 2014

By S. Deeth “Sheila Deeth” (OR, USA) – See all my reviews

From an almost normal, almost everyday start, through an almost delightful, almost perfect interlude, to an almost sad and almost happy ending, John B. Rosenman’s Childhood’s Day is surely a science fiction classic writ small, and story to treasure and remember.

This is science fiction at its most powerful best. I love this short story and highly recommend it.




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