As a child, did you look at the stars in wonder? Did you dream of becoming an astronaut or imagine civilizations on other planets? Did stories of aliens, epic galactic quests, or exploration throughout the universe intrigue you? If so, then embrace the inner explorer by reading epic and thrilling science fiction and fantasy novels about space for young adults by author John B. Rosenman.

Discover New Worlds in a Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel About Space

John B. Rosenman is the award-winning author of many outer space science fiction novels.

Inspector of the Cross

In John B. Rosenman's Inspector of the Cross series, meet Turtan, a human who is over 3500 years old due to suspended animation aboard spaceships. Now Turtan must fight against an old, alien enemy that threatens all of humanity. Throughout his adventures, he'll travel to new worlds, meet new friends, and discover new weapons to ultimately overcome the Cen, the menace that could destroy everything he loves.

Other Science Fiction Books

Other outer space science fiction novels John B. Rosenman has written include A Senseless Act of Beauty and Beyond Those Distant Stars.

In A Senseless Act of Beauty, a man of Nigerian descent discovers a new world of wonder and a vanished, mysterious alien civilization whose technology is light-years ahead of our own.

Beyond Those Distant Stars invites us to a universe where aliens have decimated almost all of humanity. With a courageous heroine, breathtaking action and romance, and enigmatic alien enemies, Beyond Those Distant Stars is a science fiction novel that challenges, intrigues, and excites.

Relive the Endless Possibilities of Science Fiction

John B. Rosenman wants to help readers rediscover the wonder and beauty of outer space adventures where anything is possible throughout the universe. Rediscover the dreamer and explorer inside as you read a spellbinding science fiction and fantasy novel about space by John B. Rosenman.

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