Why do couples strip naked for Mr. Newson? What unique gift does he possess?

$2.99 OR #KINDLEUNLIMITED, Just Published! – ONLY GOD AND DEMONS – #Fantasy #SciFi – Mr. Newson has a gift: for sixty years, he’s been able to do something which no one else in the world can do. His gift is so amazing and illegal, that he screens couples in advance and makes them come to him in secret. If news leaked out, he’d be thrown in prison for the rest of his life.

Once a couple enters his basement, they strip naked and their bodies are searched inside and out for any weapons or recording equipment. What is Newson’s profound ability, and why must he keep it secret from the world? –






AMAZON BOOK DESCRIPTION: Suppose you went out trick-or-treating with your seven-year-old son on Halloween and something terrible happened? He ran up a walk to a house and just disappeared, and you could never find him. Suppose a year later on Halloween your grief-stricken wife demands that you take the plastic, candy-filled pumpkin container which is all you could find of your only child and retrace the route you went with Danny? She tells you that unless you find him and bring him back to her, you should never return.

What would you do?

And what—if anything—will you find when you go out into the night on this mad, hopeless quest and visit the same sympathetic neighbors as the year before?



AMAZON BOOK DESCRIPTION: From space, the planet Mira looks safe and peaceful, but mysterious “dragons” slaughtered the fourteen members of the first expedition. Captain Jordan, leading the second expedition to investigate this tragedy, will do anything to avoid more bloodshed. After their ship lands, they discover a lovely Eden. While there is no sign of the previous crew, soon a deadly snake enters the garden.





AMAZON BOOK DESCRIPTION: What comes first, love or duty? Diana, a 24th century Supervisor of time travel, learns that Dero is taking unauthorized trips into the past. She knows she should arrest him, but she loves him too much. Obsessed, she follows him repeatedly into the distant past to save him from the machine-like killers that police the timelines. 

One day he goes too far, threatening the delicate fabric of history itself, and Diana must make a terrible decision. 




AMAZON BOOK DESCRIPTION: Bill has a strange obsession: every Saturday he must take his wife and six-year-old son on a drive about the city, endlessly searching yard sales for some hidden treasure that will complete his life. His fanatic interest in yard sale ads dominates the rest of the week, and he ignores his family. One cold day, his refusal to turn the car around and go home makes his son cry and his wife threaten to leave him.

While yard sales seem harmless, they aren’t always as safe or innocent as you might think. Who knows what Bill will find this morning in a garage just ahead, lurking silently in the shadows?



* * * MORE TO COME * * *

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(In Progress — More Reviews to Come.)

**** NOVELS ****

1. A SENSELESS ACT OF BEAUTY 5.0 out of 5 stars — A powerful tale of love and wonder, July 11, 2011 By DJP – See all my reviews This review is from: A Senseless Act of Beauty (Kindle Edition)

Cleverly mixing some traditional sci-fi elements: an alien planet ripe for conquest, an arrogant and rapacious paternalistic invader, indigenous humanoids who cause fascination and wonder, and mysterious technological forefathers, A Senseless Act of Beauty also includes tales from the African Mythos of our future past, and more than a dash of love and heartbreak as it weaves a tale of hope, the surrender to love, and a quest for understanding.

It is the central character Aaron’s journey of self-belief and understanding his place in things that sets up the story, and around it we see the story change from his view as a visiting scientist to a fierce protector of the planet Viridis. Beginning with a defining moment of his youth that shapes his future instincts, the author takes you through Aaron’s transformations as he learns to love, grieve, love again, and ultimately triumph over the very forces of mindless subjugation and assimilation of which he was initially a part.

The native aliens of Viridis also undergo a distinct journey. Although physically and psychically far more evolved than humans, they are emotionally stunted, naïve and split along gender lines – believing their omnipotent Creators to have deserted them as a failed experiment and doomed to extinction due to the overbearing mental dominance of the females over the repressed males. In Aaron they see their saviour, and as with the other males of his crew, he is coerced into gifting reproduction to his mate, Nightsong. What follows is a bizarre evolutionary rollercoaster at high speed as Aaron and the aliens try to leap the gap in fertility, causing distress and anger amongst both Aaron and his former Captain and their offspring.

Woven into the love and heartbreak of these genetic problems is the discovery of the Creators machines below the ground and their array of awesome and terrifying powers – all of which lead to Aaron realising his potential (as bound and retold in the stories of his native heritage) and destiny as guardian of Viridis against the returning, now warlike Humans who want to carve up the planet for its riches. A final conflict brings a neat fulfilment to the story and leaves room for glimpses of what might yet be. Rich with astonishing sights and sounds, primal fears and advanced technology, the simplicity of love and faith and the ugly faces of envy, greed and mistrust – this book is a magical tale that will have you hanging on right to the end.

* * * * * * * * * *

Amy Ramsey Ramsey’s Reviews – Email – Yahoo Group home page: Yahoo Group email address:

Title: A Senseless Act Of Beauty Author: John B. Rosenman Publisher: Blade Publishing Publisher’s Address: ISBN: 978-1-897560-09-9 Genre: Futuristic Romance/Science Fiction Romance/ Adult Pages: 231 Reviewed By: Amy J Ramsey/Ramsey’s Reviews/ Rating: 5 stars

Aaron Okonkwo was raised to honor his people’s heritage. Growing up as an Igbo in a Nigerian tribe located on the continent of Africa, which is known for its savagery, disease stricken and barren lands. As a child, Aaron dreamed of commanding a star fleet sent out to preserve life on other planets.

Well, part of his dream came true. Aaron works for the Confederate star fleet as a bio-botanist and is part of a team sent out to scope the planet Viridia under the watchful eye of Abe Pritchett, the Captain. Aaron, along with 3 other men, paired with 3 women, perform different tasks on this mysterious, Eden-like planet. The only thing standing in their way is the beautiful and voluptuous female alien creatures who are succeeding in seducing the human men. While working, Aaron was mesmerized by all the incredible life forms and enjoyed cataloging the new and familiar, but as he gazed upon the tantalizing naked body of an alien female, Night Song, Aaron felt the alluring pull of her pheromones beckoning him to become her mate.

After several days with Night Song and trying to unveil the mysteries of alien race, Aaron notices, there is something amiss about this so called paradise, and it’s strange exotic inhabitants. When the other men of his team are rejected by their females, Aaron’s true purpose is exposed. Upon landing on Viridia, all the men were bitten by a bug that was intended to alter their DNA so the female Viridians could procreate outside their species enabling them to save their dying race before time runs out. However, the Viridian females did not expect the stubbornness of Aarons determination to learn the truths behind the female Viridians’ deceit. The GOD like Creators brought life to all creatures and vegetation on the planet, Viridia. Now it’s time for the Viridians to fight for what they believe in, freedom and the survival of their species. Will the presence of the Confederate forces cause all Viridians to become slaves and used as experiments by the Confederate? Will Aaron realize his true power over the protection of all life or will he disregard his destiny and love for an alien creature? All it takes is a senseless act of beauty.

I am afraid my words cannot do this book, A Senseless Act Of Beauty, the justice it truly deserves. This is a sensational, “Out Of This World” story, full of emotion, substantial meanings and the mind-blowing effects of a love between a human and alien, not to mention the adoration of an alien planet. A love so great that it causes one to believe they can achieve miraculous things hidden deep within their soul. John B. Rosenman has displayed genuine talent for his world building technique, flawless story line and keen emotional expression. I look forward to reviewing much more of John B. Rosenman’s work in the future. This book is recommended to any reader, who is interested in Adult Futuristic Romance/ Science Fiction.


John B. Rosenman weaves an intricate plot and a most exciting tale with mind-stretching concepts that make us look at the universe in a new way. This book is classified as science fiction, but there is a lot more romance and intrigue than in your ordinary SF materials.  Berry’s Reviews and The New Book Review          

With a strong science fiction setting, John B. Rosenman explores the importance of culture, compassion and love by pitting a race that has none of these qualities against a number of species. Alien Dreams is, in my opinion, John Rosenman’s most substantial offering to date. One could say that he shows us what it is to be human by slowly tearing everything that means away from Captain Eric Latimore, all the while holding up the angels as examples of the horror of what he is to become.  Clayton Bye, Book Reviews



1. Childhood’s Day

(Reviews are condensed for space reasons.)

5.0 out of 5 stars Review of Childhood’s Day, January 23, 2014

By Ruth J. Burroughs “Isle Burroughs” (Ithaca, New York United States)

This review is from: Childhood’s Day (Kindle Edition)

In Childhood’s Day Rosenman uses the word reprography, which is like “a photograph of a photograph”, but in this instance a living 3d photograph of genetic material. Using the alias Steve Morrison, John, “Jack”, Winter, the main character enters a baker’s shop. The code name delivers him to a secret and highly illegal memory-cloning operation.

You don’t have to be familiar with Ubik, memory technology, or cloning, to enjoy this short piece by Rosenman on your phone, tablet, kindle or nook, riding the subway on your way to work, or during your lunch break. It’s a story about childhood, memory and relationships and what lengths we’ll go to, and what choices we’ll make to search for answers that cause us to destroy our happiness in the present moment. The question is would you make a copy of yourself and why? For the price of a cup of gourmet coffee you can see how Rosenman explores this question in clear and plain prose in the manner of Pohl Anderson and Frederick Pohl. He doesn’t try to impress us with a lot of technobabble words, but gets right down to the heart of the story. Just the kind of science fiction I love to read. Those who’ve read Ursula K. Le Guin or Philip K. Dick will enjoy this.

5.0 out of 5 stars Science fiction at its best, January 20, 2014

By S. Deeth “Sheila Deeth” (OR, USA) – See all my reviews

From an almost normal, almost everyday start, through an almost delightful, almost perfect interlude, to an almost sad and almost happy ending, John B. Rosenman’s Childhood’s Day is surely a science fiction classic writ small, and story to treasure and remember.

This is science fiction at its most powerful best. I love this short story and highly recommend it.




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The Department of English and Foreign Languages at Norfolk State University presents
March 24-26, 2015
Norfolk State University Campus
Remica L. Bingham-Risher
Willie Cordy, Jr.
Nathan M. Richardson
John B. Rosenman
Urban Control
THANKS for financial and other support to Mrs. Thelma Carroll, the Poetry
Society of Virginia, Dr. Mamie L. Johnson (Chair, English & Foreign Languages), Dr.
Belinda C. Anderson (Dean, College of Liberal Arts), NSU Student Activities, the
Creative Writing Committee, and the Creative Writing Club.
6pm in NSC 149
7pm in NSC 149
12pm in NSC 138A
7pm in NSC 138A
March 26
12:30pm in NSC 138A
7pm in NSC 138A
Mr. Daniel Pearlman
(757) 823-2901
Dr. Gary Wilkens
(757) 823-2956
an NSU English professor for decades,
was a foundation of local creative
writing, publishing numerous poems
and presenting many papers
on literature.
$125 (FIRST PLACE), $75 (SECOND) & $50 (THIRD).
Remica L. Bingham-Risher, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, is an alumna of
Old Dominion Univeity and Bennington College as well as a Cave
Canem fellow. Her first book, Conversion (Lotus Press, 2007), won the
Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Award and was shortlisted for the
Hurston/Wright Legacy Award. Her next book, What We Ask of Flesh,
will be published by Etruscan Press in February 2013. She served at
NSU as Director of the Exam of Writing Competency. Currently, she is
the Director of Writing and Faculty Development at Old Dominion
University. She resides in Norfolk, Virginia, with her husband and
Willie Cordy, Jr., a native of Portsmouth, Virginia, remembers being an
artist as far back as third grade. He earned his BFA, MA and MFA at
Norfolk State University, where he now teaches as an adjunct. Willie
won Blessed/Lifestyle Magazine’s Educator of the Year award in 2014
and has been nominated as Illustrator of the Year for 2015 by the
NAACP Blackmen Rock Image Awards. His comic book series City Earth,
set in Hampton Roads, premiered in 2011, and Cordy expects the
newest issue to be released in March of 2015.
Nathan M. Richardson is an accomplished performance poet and
published author of thbook “Likeness of Being” and the “NEW”
chapbook “Twenty-one Imaginary T-Shirts”. He is also the organizer
and host of the Poetry, Prose & Pizza Open Mic Seriesnow syndicated
in the cities of Chesapeake, Suffolk and Prince George, Virginia.
Nationally, his poetry has been commissioned to accent major art
exhibits at the Delaware Museum of Art, the New Mexico Holocaust
Museum, and the Chrysler Museum. He is the resident teaching artist
for the Artistic Verses Creative Writing Program sponsored by Newport
News Public High Schools and the Peninsula Fine Arts Center (PFAC).
Nathan is also the creative writing instructor for the Camp Rise
Summer Arts Program which was awarded the 2012 National Arts &
Humanities Youth Program Award from The White House. Since 2010
he has served as the head coach for the Hampton Roads Youth Poets.
han was recently named 2014 Slam Organizer of the Year by the
National Poetry Awards. A short list of his other affiltions include the
Poetry Society of Virginia, Young Audiences of Virginia, and the
Advisory Council for the Christopher Newport University Writers
John B. Rosenman grew up during the Golden Age of Science Fiction,
and write what he calls “Wow” science fiction, novels and short stories
that seek to explore the awesome, mind-stretching wonders of the
universe. In addition, Rosenman has published over 300 short stories
in Whitley Strieber’s Aliens, Weird Tales, The Age of Wonders,
Starshore, and elsewhere. He has written several novels, including
Beyond Those Distant Stars, Speaker of the Shakk, and Dax Rigby, War
Correspondent. He has served as Chairman of the Board of the Horror
Writers Association and writes a monthly blog. Rosenman received his
Ph.D. in 1970 and served as an English professor at Norfolk State
University from 1982 to 2011.

$ $ $ $ $ 


Defender of the Flame 333x500

Inspector Turtan returns to the Academy where he graduated 4000 years before and finds a deadly surprise.



MAY 16, 2014, 11 a.m.  INTERVIEW SCHEDULED — I will be a guest on WEBBWEAVER BOOKS on BLOGTALK RADIO,  

In addition to being interviewed, I will be reading from my novel KINGDOM OF THE JAX.  The show call-in number is (619) 924-9838.  If you have any comments/questions, just call in.




 1. THE MERRY-GO-ROUND MAN.  To be published soon by Crossroad Press at  Below are the two excellent covers by Clarissa which were done with somewhat different objectives and readerships in mind.  Here is the summary the publisher provided the artist: “Three boys grow up in Ohio – discovering themselves, sex, and their futures.  Main character is a Jewish boy who can box, and nearly wins the Golden Gloves tournament – and can also draw and paint, and wants to be an artist.  There is also an Afro American boy who first robs a delicatessen, and then ends up working for the old man and owning it – and the third boy – very good looking, well off, who seems able to get any girl (and then woman) he wants but seems also addicted to doing so… The cover should be about the artist, boxer, though…if possible.”

Can you guess which cover we decided on?



 Here’s the second cover:



All right.  I have to ‘fess up here.  The second cover won for several reasons, which I won’t go into.   People did like both covers, with a slight preference for the second one featuring the boxer and the woman.  

2. “Not Exactly.”  Speculative fiction short story to be published by Liquid              Imagination in a multimedia format which includes an interpretive reading.

3. “Letting Down Her Hair.” A short-short fantasy tale to be published by Metro Fiction.


      *****Okay, this literary festival isn’t “COMING SOON,” but it was a great event, and I’m putting it here anyway.  I presented a workshop on how to write an opening “hook” in a SF/Fantasy/Horror story.  I think it went very well!

I’m was a featured writer on March 27 at Norfolk State University where I was an English professor for twenty-nine years.  I’m proud to say that Dr. William Carroll, the gentleman and man of letters in whose honor The 2nd Annual William Carroll Writers Festival is named, was my office mate for fifteen years.  It was a pleasure to know him, and I’m pleased that this annual conference, held from March 25-27, 2014 helps to preserve his memory, especially for students whom he loved to teach. 







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1.  (notice the spelling), or at . . .

2.  (This addy I usually reserve for business related mostly to writing.)

3.  Or through comments either here on my web site or at my blog site.

I will be glad to talk or communicate with you.



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My Blog Site is . . .

My web site is tricky, so you may need to cut and paste it into your browser to get there.  

I discuss my books, stories, and many things literary here as well as host some of my writer friends.  Plus, I’m engaged in other activities, some of them wild and woolly.  Please drop by and say hello, leave a comment or two on what we say and do.  

 My Facebook Page is . . .

Come visit, comment, and say hello.  As with my blog site, you may need to cut and paste it in your browser first.  I’m just not sure.  But I am sure that I’m always interested in meeting people.  

th (1)


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My Collected Short Stories, some of the best I have written.  Plus a literary textbook I edited for college.


THIS SUPERB, HAUNTING COVER WAS PAINSTAKINGLY DONE BY FREDRIK KING, MY GOOD FRIEND.  Besides this cover, my collection — our collaboration — includes seven of Fredrik’s illustrations for seven of my stories.  All of them are done in pen and ink, took a great deal of time, and display as much artistic skill and attention to detail as the artwork above.

In order, the stories (and illustrations) are:

1. More Stately Mansions

2. Daniel, My Son

3. A Spark from God’s Finger

4. Trophies

5. Until Time Cracks

6. World Enough, and Time

7. The Last Snowman

Richard Rowand, also a friend, wrote an introduction to the collection, “Lucky You.”

The collection was published in 1999 by Dark Regions Press in Concord, California.  Two hundred fifty copies were signed by both the author and artist, and it is out of print.



This textbook is divided into five thematic sections: (1) Innocence and Experience; (2) Conformity and Rebellion; (3) Culture and Identity; (4) Love and Hate; and (5) The Presence of Death.  It features poems, short stories, and one play, Oedipus Rex.  Introduction to Literature includes a TOC, two essays, “Why Read Literature” and “On Writing About Literature,” a world map, biographical introductions to the writers, study questions on the readings, an “MLA Documentation” section, and a “Brief Glossary of Literary Terms.” 


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images (16)

images (13)

images (14)

ASAOBweb_Cover (2)

African Science Fiction – Imagine the 1950’s SF movies classic “Forbidden Planet” updated with a thousand new technological and mind-blowing wonders.  

Available at

Available as an Audiobook from

Publisher: Crossroad Press –  –

Aaron Okonkwo, a Nigerian scientist, travels with a crew in the 24th century to evaluate Viridis, which proves to be a beautiful and fabulous world. There, Aaron discovers a strange, alien species and amazing machines and technology left in a vast underground complex by a mysterious race called the Creators.

Aaron soon falls under the irresistible, seductive spell of Nightsong, a green alien female with ominous and bewitching powers. However, an even greater danger rises. He will be forced to fight for the planet’s survival against a ruthless invasion of many ships to conquer and enslave the planet – just as Africa itself was once enslaved. Aaron knows it’s A Senseless Act of Beauty to try to reclaim his ancient warrior heritage and fight back against such overwhelming odds, but he knows he must try.

My longest novel, A Senseless Act of Beauty is 115,000 words long (Click on link to go to askdavid page and write your own review.)


                                               Dreams and their Interpretation               

Dangerous Alien Invasion of Human Dreams on the planet

Lagos Captain Eric Latimore leads a four-person crew to Lagos to investigate a previous team’s mysterious disappearance. Once there, he discovers that an ominous alien presence is invading their dreams. Each member of his crew has the same dream–huge, seductively beautiful “angels” speak to them telepathically. The creatures strand his crew on the planet and only Latimore can free them—if he survives.



       ALIEN UFO – A Mysterious Alien Spacecraft blocks Stella McMasters’ ship.   Mysterious aliens have won every fight against humans, crushing us completely for five straight years and bringing our species to the brink of ruin.  What will Stella do — run or fight?     

beyondthosedistantstars[1]Published by Mundania Press

                   Winner of the Allbook Reviews Editor’s Choice Award        

Stella’s Adventure Quest – A Galactic War – a Deadly ufo Sighting

Alien invaders have all but destroyed humanity.  Stella McMasters, a retired naval officer, yearns to get in the war but knows she’ll never get a chance.

Then amazing things start to happen. After saving a comrade’s life during a meltdown that almost kills her, physicians remove her radioactive flesh and turn her into a superhuman cyborg.  She is then given command of her first ship and, against her better judgment, falls in life with its charismatic pilot.

On their way to join the Empire’s last line of defense, Stella runs right into an enemy vessel.  For the first time ever, the mysterious invaders invite humans aboard.  Should Stella accept, or run?  Can she avoid a crushing defeat and save humanity in the process?

The Trade Paperback is . . . $16.95

Adobe Reader eBook . . . $4.99

Available at Amazon, Audible. com and other vendors.


Video Games — A Cosmic, Interstellar Kind

Can alien invaders pass from their realm to ours through a seemingly harmless, second-rate video game?  San Luis Obispo in sunny California may not be as peaceful as it looks, especially when the figures on the screen become real and a Dark Wizard here is their friend. 

darkwizard_333X5002 - Copy

This Paranormal Romance takes place in San Luis Obispo, California.  It features such colorful sites in the city as the Gold Rush Steak House at the Madonna Inn, featured above. Gold-Rush-Steak-House-San-Luis-Obispo.jpeg

Kan not only has complete amnesia but superhuman strength and the ability to bring back the dead. Soon a beautiful girl complicates things even more. As Kan learns his identity, he finds he is faced with a deadly evil and a cosmic mission.

Who is the deadly and dangerous Dark Wizard who seeks to destroy humanity, and can Kan discover his identity and stop him or her in time?

Available at MuseItUp Publishing, Amazon, and elsewhere.  


A War Correspondent on a savage, distant planet

News War Correspondent Dax Rigby travels 90,000 light-years to the tropical but deadly planet Arcadia while World War III rages back on Earth.

DaxRigby_333x500 Review: This is a page-turner. The action starts the minute Dax’s boots hit dirt on the planet Arcadia, and it doesn’t stop. Almost everyone is a suspect, and it’s difficult to tell reality from hallucination at times. 5 ROSES BY ROCHELLE’S REVIEWS

Published by Muse It Up Publishing.  Available at:    <a href=></a>

As WWIII rages on Earth, War Correspondent Dax Rigby travels to the savage planet Arcadia to investigate and report on the Western Alliance’s mission there.  Soon, he fights not only to save two intelligent alien species from extinction, but also to rescue a dying human outpost threatened by a mysterious disease. Facing assassination attempts, seduction from a passionate pilot, and his own mysterious powers of resurrection, Dax struggles to maintain his loyalties and complete his mission. The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance. Will he find a way to redefine both his identity and his destiny in time?


INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS Epic SF Series Featuring a New Super Hero. ***REVIEW LINKS BELOW***

                 INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS is the first in an epic series.  The second novel in the series is KINGDOM OF THE JAX.  Turtan, an elite agent, travels in suspended animation to distant worlds.  As the first novel begins, he is already over 3500 years old.          

       kingdomofjaxinspector_200x300-1  Book 1                                                                                                                   Book 2                                                                                                         ISBN  978-1-927361-74-0                                                                       Ebook – $5.95 Available at MuseItUp                                                                     


                                               ALSO AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON:

ALSO AVAILABLE FROM COFFEE TIME ROMANCE:                                                                                                                                     <a ref= up-publishing-c-98/inspector-of-the-cross-p-7511

Blurb: Thanks to suspended animation, Turtan is over 3500 years old and travels on freeze ships to distant worlds.  His mission is to investigate weapons to help humanity turn the tide against their ancient nemesis…the Cenknife. Vicious aliens, the Cenknife seek to conquer the universe and enslave humanity. When Turtan discovers just such a weapon, a beautiful, seductive woman stands in his way.  He must use all his skills, abilities, and courage to meet the crisis and save untold billions of lives.


“Here.”  Yori placed a glass of rare Zontenian wine in his hand.  “Drink this and maybe you can get some rest.  So tomorrow…”

“So tomorrow I’ll be in shape to resume my Flying Dutchman chase amid the stars?” he finished.  “You think getting drunk is what I need?”

“What do you need, Tan?”  Her dark eyes implored him.  “Tell me.”

He raised the glass, his throat tight with terror.  “Make me young again, Yori.  As when I started.”  He managed to find his mouth with the glass, only he was shaking so hard, half of the wine sloshed down his body.  He dropped the glass.

“Oh, Tan, I’ll make you young again.  Take away all your pain.”  She dropped wet-eyed to her knees and kissed the wine from his belly, licking him dry.  Gradually she worked lower and despite the way he was shaking, he felt himself respond.  Respond as he always did with her.  He closed his eyes as she clasped him in a frenzy, hearing her words muffled by his flesh.  “I’ll make you new again, Tan.  Take away all your pain.”  She rose and led him to bed, where he knew she would bring him love and warmth but no youth or Lethe of forgetfulness.  All he knew was for this moment, he must try to find them.

***REVIEWS OF BOTH NOVELS*** *******************************************************************************                 Turtan, the hero of Inspector of the Cross is nearly 4,000 years old

               Click on link to go to askdavid page and write your own review.)


By Jada Ryker “Author of the ‘Takes a Dare’ Series” (Kentucky, USA)

This review is from: Inspector of the Cross (Kindle Edition)

5 STARS:   “Multi-Faceted Science Fiction Masterpiece”

Turtan is an Inspector of the Cross. He travels through space, his life suspended in stasis, while his A. I. Dr. Glitch handles operations on board the starship Argo. His mission is to find effective weapons to help the Cross fight its enemy, the Cenknife, a race whose name derived from its brutal weapon.

“How many friends had [Turtan] left forever in his endless quest to find a weapon the Cross could use to win the war? How many times had he faded off into frozen sleep on board some missile to the stars, knowing while he slept, forever young, they would age and think of him with ancient memories? How many tearful women had he left, and how many infant sons and daughters had he kissed and cuddled for the last time, knowing he would never see them again? Indeed, how old was he now, not subjectively but in objective time?

Three thousand, five hundred, seventy-three years.”

The Overlord Lucan, unwilling to help Turtan in his cause, said:

“From the standpoint of eternity, Inspector Turtan, any cause rings hollow.”

When Turtan forces the Overlord to take him to the Godstone, Turtan finds an ancient artifact holding the power of creation. Even though Turtan senses an evil aura around the Godstone, he knows he must explore it…and then make a key decision.

With the four thousand year war still going strong, Turtan faces one of the enemy Cen, Turois. In the process, they both learn losers and winners of games may be interchangeable. And Turtan continues to display his greatest gift: doing the unexpected.

Inspector of the Cross, by John B. Rosenman, is an excellent science fiction novel. Mr. Rosenman’s wonderfully descriptive writing sketches worlds and races for us, reaching across the galaxy and through time. This book is a work of literary art, with the whole greater than the sum of the parts. It’s a thrilling adventure, an indictment of war, and a multi-faceted view into man’s psyche.

A prolific author, Mr. Rosenman has outdone himself with this work. I predict he will rise to the top of the science fiction genre, riding on the brilliant comet called Inspector of the Cross. __________________________________________________________ The second book in the series, Kingdom of the Jax (Inspector of the Cross) may be even better than the first!  (Click on link above to go to askdavid page and write your own review.)

                                ***REVIEWS OF KINGDOM OF THE JAX***                                                                                                                                                                                                 Compelling Sequel to Inspector of the Cross, Jan 21, 2014 

This review is for Kingdom of the Jax (Kindle Edition)
     What’s the longest running war? Does the Hundred Years War spring to mind? Most historians believe it lasted about a decade and a half beyond one hundred years. Perhaps another guess would be the controversial Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years War. It was a “theoretical state of war,” and lasted more as a documentation issue rather than combat.
     Can you imagine a war which has lasted five thousand years?
     In the first book of the series, Turtan was introduced. He is an Inspector of the Cross. He travels through space, his life suspended in stasis, while his A. I. Dr. Glitch handles operations on board the starship Argo. Spanning thousands of years, his mission is to find effective weapons to help the Cross fight its enemy, the Cenknife, a race whose name derived from its brutal weapon.
     In the Kingdom of the Jax, Turtan’s adventures continue. He must confront the emperor, whose ancestor committed a terrible act of dishonor. The emperor may decide to execute Turtan rather than risk Turtan telling the truth.
     At Turtan’s side is Yaneta. The beautiful Cen is the widow of a man with whom Turtan had a life-altering, metaphysical experience. As an enemy of the emperor, Yaneta’s life may be in danger simply because of her race. Because of the risks, Yaneta is forced to play a demeaning role.
     Because of his illustrious ancestry, Emperor Galan XLII possesses absolute power. In addition to his nearly deity-like status, Galan also holds a terrible secret. To keep the power in his greedy hands, Galan must protect the secret, regardless of the costs to both him and the universe.
     Like a vein of gold running through desolate rock, the Jax infiltrate other worlds and races. The Jax are a mole-like people, ruling the universe with a fine, Machiavellian hand. Behind the scenes, the harmless-looking species wields incredible power. For the Jax, the universe is all their kingdom.
     As the interests and agendas of Turtan, Yaneta, and Emperor Galen converge and clash, the Jax remain an unpredictable and powerful force.
     Kingdom of the Jax, by the talented John Rosenman, has exceeded the beauty and adventure of the first book in the series, Inspector of the Cross. Mr. Rosenman builds far-flung worlds and epic histories with a stroke of his pen. He fills in the details with a fine brush, lending humanity and compassion to the depth of the wonderful characters. At the same time, Mr. Rosenman lightens the pages with subtle humor.

__________________________________________________________ Blurb from KINGDOM OF THE JAX:

Accompanied by Yaneta, his beautiful alien bride, Turtan travels across the stars to Cross Imperial Station.  The Jax, Overseers of the universe, have given him an amazing navigational device which can enable the Cross to quickly defeat their seemingly invincible enemy, the Cen, and end their five-thousand-year-old war.

But will the Emperor welcome him to the station or order the execution of both him and his wife?  Turtan is, after all, endlessly resourceful and may learn the emperors’ terrible secret and act of betrayal concealed these past five hundred years.  Even if spared, Yaneta is still a member of the enemy and may be killed instantly.

To succeed in his mission, Turtan faces an almost impossible task, one requiring not only luck but the full range of all the skills he has acquired in four thousand years as an elite agent. It is his greatest challenge ever.

EXCERPT: First encounter: Turtan, our hero meets an alien life form on a distant world . . .

“What are those bits of light?” Dr. Glitch asked.  “They’re rising right toward you.”

She sees the lights but not my helmet’s warning, he thought.  What the hell is happening?

Below him, the bright spangles quickly grew, turning the blue-green waves into a blinding sheen.                                                                                                                


“I don’t know what they are,” he said and noticed the warning in his helmet was reversing its levels of severity.  From Red to Orange to Yellow to Blue… And now Green, a blessed color meaning Safe

An instant later, the warning winked out as if it had never existed. Turtan took small comfort in the possibility a whole world’s lethal atmosphere had just been scrubbed clean by divine intervention.  What concerned him were the radiant white lights.  They rose toward him like guided missiles.

To hell with this.  I’m getting out of here. He pumped the controls, determined to set a speed record reaching the ship.  Only the lights left the water and swarmed around him.  They gleamed on his suit and visor, bathing everything in a resplendent glow.  He felt their warmth inside and out, tiny soothing touches that filled him with a nameless fear. The suit throbbed, strained, climbed…and settled slowly back into the water.

Then he went down.  Down beneath the waves. ***************************************************************************** Read an Interview by John B. Rosenman at


Can one human save a world and its peaceful species from two ferocious alien races?


Published by Mundania Press as both an eBook and trade paperback Available at:

BLURB: On planet Yellowsand, Theophilus Merlan courageously saves an alien boy’s life and acquires some of the youngster’s DNA.  The boy is royalty . . . and the present though currently dying leader of the boy’s people, the Speaker of the Shakk, must leave him in Merlan’s care.  He tells Merlan that he is now part Shakk himself and must be the next Speaker of the Shakk people, a position he feels certain that an admirable man like Merlan is well-suited for.  

It’s the hardly the future a shy geologist aspired to, but what choice does Merlan have? Hour by hour, Merlan finds himself changing mentally and physically, from human to Shakk.  Even more terrifying is the Speaker’s revelation that the Shakk’s two vile and vicious alien enemies, the Xanteans and the Merotox, are about to visit Yellowsand.  These invaders seek to conquer Yellowsand and enslave the Shakk, and only Merlan can save his new people.  But to do so, he has to use all his wits and courage. 

As if Merlan doesn’t have enough to deal with, the old Speaker’s grandson vows to kill him, because his grandfather has chosen a human to be the next Speaker in his place. Merlan finds he must do more than just keep himself alive, hold onto his sanity, stop a war and adjust to his changing abilities and perceptions.  He must also be a father to an alien boy and cope with his growing love for Ann Benson, the mission’s navigator.  As he becomes increasingly alien, Merlan wonders if they have any chance at happiness.  His task of saving the Shakk seems hopeless, yet he feels he must try . . . even if it costs him his life.

EXCERPT:  Ann left the tunnel.  He followed her, emerging into a large enclosure just as she gasped. Not ten meters away from her stood a giant Xantean, his eyes glistening, his great pincers gleaming in the light of yellow sand.

Merlan swung around.  Dozens of the aliens surrounded them on all sides, their long knifelike teeth bared as if ready to eat them.  Here and there a pincer twitched, and a mighty leg shifted. Lord help them.  The whole place, some fifty meters across, was a meeting hall for the damned creatures!  They had blundered right into it. Ann pointed her weapon at the closest alien.

“No!” he shouted, then went to her.  “It’s no good.  There’s too many of them.”

She nodded, then slid her weapon back into her holster.  He took her hand and held it.  They waited. From the walls, on every side, the Xantean army watched them.

But the Xanteans didn’t attack.  Seconds passed, and the aliens continued to stare at them.  Lethal pincers twitched, mighty legs and torsos flexed and shifted, but the Xanteans didn’t shout and rush forward to tear them limb from limb.

“Theo,” Ann whispered, “why don’t they do something?”

“I don’t know.”  He studied the nearest Xantean, who stood ten meters away.  After a moment, Merlan took a step toward him.

Ann grabbed his arm.  “What are you doing?” Gently, he shook her off and went on.  There was no escape.  If they were going to be killed, he was at least going to investigate.

Seven meters . . . six . . . five . . . When he was a mere meter away, the Xantean raised his pincer.  Merlan’s heart surged into his throat.

“Theo!” Ann cried. The pincer froze.  Merlan suppressed an urge to run and forced himself to examine the alien.  Take it easy, he thought. 

The Xantean didn’t attack.  He only raised his pincer.

Glancing about, he saw several other aliens move as well.  Heads turned, legs shifted.  The Xanteans are playing with us and savoring our fear, he thought.  They must have watched us from space, known we were coming here, and beat us to it.  Now they’ve set up a welcoming committee to frighten the hell out of us.


My First Published Novel Controversial As indicated below, it was published in two editions, beginning in 1981.  The novel is somewhat controversial, featuring a white English teacher in a small black Southern college.

This is the cover for the paperback edition, published in 1982.This is the cover for the paperback edition, published by McPherson & Company (a Treacle Press Book) in 1982.

The-Best-Laugh-Last-675x1024 This is the cover of the hardback edition, published by Treacle Press (later McPherson & Company) in 1981.

“This engaging first novel is set on the ramshackle campus of Ashland College, a heavily subsidized black Methodist school known for its corrupt administration, acquiescent faculty, and captive student body. By turns howlingly funny and deadly serious, Rosenman relates the outlandish exploits of journeyman David Newman, an idealistic loner (and Kent State shooting survivor) who will not submit to the despotic regime of Dean Bledsoe and his graft-hungry minions. Reminiscent of the early John Barth (The End of the Road)The Best Laugh Last is an impressive debut, and one of the best ‘campus’ novels in recent years.” — Los Angeles Herald Examiner



KSL:  “I was so engrossed in the story that I was taken by complete surprise when the story concluded–I wasn’t ready for it to end. IMHO, The Merry-Go-Round Man would made a terrific movie. “

Leona Pence: “I especially liked this book because I grew up in the same time period as Johnny, Jimmy and Lee. So much of it took me back to my childhood, my old school and that wonderful merry-go-round. My heart went out to Johnny with his remarkable talents and the overbearing father who tried to control him.”


Do you believe you can shape your future, determine your destiny?  One spring day in 1954, three sixth grade boys make a bet: the one who can climb first to the top of a small green merry-go round outside their school will be “Champ for life!”  For the rest of his days he’ll be “on Easy Street!” So they engage in a “mad scramble . . . clambering over each other with murderous intent,” and eventually one of them reaches the summit and stands triumphant, lording it over the others.  He is the merry-go round man.  

The Merry-Go-Round Man is a novel about three boys growing up in the so-called innocent days of the Eisenhower fifites.  It’s about rites of passage, loss of innocence, sexual initiation, racism, and much more.  Of the three boys, Johnny Roth is central. He possesses two transcendent gifts which are only beginning to emerge as the novel begins.  One of them is the ability to box or fight, something he deeply fears. The other ability is artistic and mystical.  He is a natural expressionistic painter of vast potential.  Unfortunately, Johnny’s father, an Orthodox Jew, hates both of these pursuits, and his opposition tears Johnny apart.  

Of the two other boys, Lee Esner grows up to be a gifted football player with what looks like a lucrative pro career ahead of him.  He also has a flair for attracting beautiful girls.  Is he the merry-go-round man?  The third boy, Jimmy Wiggins, is black and from the ghetto.  Attending an elite white school with Johnny and Lee, his naive love for a pretty white girl is destroyed by her cruel racism.  Another rite of passage. Symbols such as a burning Buddhist monk make us ask whether anyone is really The Merry-Go-Round Man in life.


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1. “A Mingling of Souls,” 2. “Bagonoun’s Wonderful Songbird,” 3. “Childhood’s Day,” 4. “Green in Our Souls,” 5. “Here Be Dragons,” 6. “Killers,” 7. “More Stately Mansions,” 8. “Music Man,” 9. “Steam Heat,” 10. “The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes,” 11. “The Voice of Many Waters,” 12. “Wet Dreams.”



Tagline: What do you do when your husband’s old love letters start to sing?)  

ExcerptAt night, as I lie beside my husband, I can hear his old love letters sing. Sometimes they sing of joy, and sometimes of ecstasy.  But mostly, they sing of anguish and broken hearts, and of their deep, deep envy of me.                                                           

I’ve asked Justin many times to throw the letters out.  After all, he’s past sixty and some of the women are probably even deader than the dry, withered paper that preserves their words.  Why, indeed, would he even want to use his magical charm to keep these relics?  As always, Justin refuses.                                                        

While he sleeps, I sometimes go to the dresser I picked out for him, open the top drawer and remove his letters.  Six inches thick, they smell of old loves and illusions and are bound by a faded red ribbon tied in an ornate bow—a memento, no doubt, from one of his admirers.

             This is a short story formerly published by XoXo Publishing. 



Romance – Magical and Exotic in the South Pacific  Paranormal Romance – An old man and a young girl are unlikely lovers, but what happens when a magical bird starts to sing? Bagonoun’s Wonderful Songbird is an improbable love story that takes place on the island Nauru in the South Pacific. Sometimes miracles come true.

sb2-400 John B. Rosenman, Writer Gypsy Shadow Publishing — and

EXCERPT:  “Bagonoun, at first they were glad I came here, if only to be rid of me. But now they say . . .”

He could have finished it. Oddly, there was a time when he would have agreed. Now he raised his hand and stroked her hair, gazing into her beautiful dark eyes. “You must keep coming,” he pleaded. “The bird will not sing without you.”

“That is all you care about, Bagonoun, winning the competition. You don’t care about me at all.”

“That’s not true. I do care.”

“But not as I do.” She sighed. “At least you no longer think me disgusting.”

He made himself smile. “Child, I have grandchildren older than you.”

“I told you before, even if you were ugly, I would love you for the beauty inside, which is ageless. I would know it at once, no matter how others saw you.”

          3. CHILDHOOD’S DAY

         If You Could Become a Child Again, Would You?  If You Could Recapture Your Childhood, Would You Do It?  Suppose you could have yourself reborn at the age of seven so your childhood self could you help you cope with crippling guilt for the death of your father — would you do it? And would it be fair to the boy you once were, especially since he will live only one day?


CHILDHOOD’S DAY . . . Gypsy Shadow Publishing  PDF, $2.99

EXCERPTThough it was the most important appointment of his life, Winter was not prepared for the innocuous pastry shop or the plump man in an apron who stood behind a counter.

“Yes, may I help you?”

Winter rubbed his arm, smelling the rich fragrance of bread, rolls, and doughnuts. He glanced at the only customer, who was eyeing some eclairs in a side case.

“I’m Steve Morrison,” he finally said, repeating what the man on the phone had told him to say. “I called last night about a special order. A . . . birthday cake for my son.”

“Ah, yes, Mr. Morrison.” The man smiled, and then emerged from behind the counter. “Will you come with me, please?”

He ushered Winter through a door, where a pretty young woman met them. “Please go with Ms. Starret. She’ll see that you’re taken care of.”

As the man returned to the bakery, Winter nervously followed Ms. Starret to a room with an inclined couch, where she smiled and told him to lie down. What had he heard such rooms called? Oh yes, birthing chambers. However, he knew it would not be that kind of birth, or rather, that it would be something both more and less than a birth.

Ms. Starret touched him gently. “Are you comfortable, Mr. Morrison?”


“Fine.”  She smiled and fitted his index finger into a plastic sheath on one of the arms of the couch, and then pressed a button. “This is a gene-scan. It will read and analyze every gene in your system. Basically, we use it to detect any problems or irregularities. If none is found, we transplant a clone-nucleus from one of your cells into a surrowomb, where it will be nurtured and grow over a period of three weeks.” She picked up an electrical attachment and placed it around his head. “In addition, selected data stored in your brain will be transferred to a holding unit and later transferred, in turn, to your reprograph’s . . .

He raised a hand. “Please, it’s not necessary to explain everything.”

She smiled, making him feel rude. “As you wish, Mr. Morrison. But I will need some information before we proceed.” She moved to a computer and began to type into it. “First, what is the precise age you want your reprograph to be?”

He inhaled deeply, remembering the day his father had died. It had been shortly before Winter’s seventh birthday.



“Maybe a couple months after seven. I don’t want this to be on his birthday.”

“I understand. Sex?”


“Of your reprograph. We are now able to produce an opposite-sex version of the subject.”

“I didn’t know that. Uh, male.”  He licked his lips. “One thing I’ve been meaning to ask. How will it—I mean, he—feel?” He tried to imagine what it would feel like to be “born” at the age of seven and couldn’t. “Won’t it be traumatic? I mean . . .”

She smiled, patted his shoulder. “Mr. Morrison, your reprograph will be thoroughly conditioned, so that any trauma will be minor.”

“But. . .”

“At the same time, I assure you that his feelings and memories, will be yours.” She patted him again. “Now, if you have no other questions, perhaps we should begin.”

He spread his fingers on the couch’s smooth surface. “Just one. What about the limitations of your technology? Isn’t it true you can’t create a reprograph that will last for more than . . .”

Ms. Starret’s smile froze. “If reprography had been legalized and funded, we would have overcome such problems. But religious and other groups called it godless technology and closed their eyes to all we had to offer.” She sighed. “Shall we begin, Mr. Morrison?”

He stiffened. As his wife tearfully stressed, prolonged psychiatric treatment had failed, and his guilt and depression about his parents was only getting worse. He’d lost three jobs in the past two years and had recently started drinking again. When his psychiatrist, an old friend, gave him a phone number and address, Winter had known it was his last chance. But was he willing to risk going to prison for it?

He swallowed. What did he have left to lose? More importantly, what did he have to look forward to if he didn’t try it?

He looked at Ms. Starret, forcing himself to relax. “Yes,” he heard himself say, “I’m ready.” **************************************************************************


  Communication with the dead, sharing their minds and thoughts. Seeing the beloved dead again.  How often have we wished it?  How would you like to go even further and actually BECOME those you loved?  Blurb: Derrick Thomas is a happy, successful lawyer with a loving wife and family. Then one day it all changes. He discovers he can share the minds and thoughts of the dead. His beloved grandfather returns, and not only does Derrick experience the dead man’s thoughts, he communicates with him and becomes his grandfather. Changing roles terrifies Derrick and makes him afraid of losing his identity, his very soul. As he tells his doctor, “I wasn’t me anymore.” Then things get even worse. Derrick is abducted by strangers, who seek to use his mysterious powers for deadly purposes. Just when he thinks the situation can’t get any worse, he sees the dead actually come back to life and shares their deepest secrets.

Excerpt: On and on they came, a flood of high moments and low. Dozens, hundreds. People poured into him until he felt he would burst, yet unlike before, with his grandfather, he no longer felt threatened. Now he loved them all, even the shady, unethical lawyer who was his nemesis. How could he not love such people, when he knew firsthand their secret wounds, the twisted paths they had traveled?

External Reviews: Janie Franz: “…an interesting tale about death and psychic ability, and John B. Rosenman offers a unique twist on those themes.”

GreeninOurSoulsFormerly Published by Damnation Books.  $2.50  eBook ISBN 9781615720026 Available at:


John B. Rosenman, Writer

Read an interview at


Horror in Outer Space

Outer Space is the new uncharted sea.  Unknown Horrors lurk in the distant depths among the stars, just as they once lurked in the unexplored regions of mariners’ and seamen’s maps.  Here Be Dragons means unknown and terrible horrors await us. Proceed at your own risk. herebedragons800x1200dpi300 Published by Eternal Press at SET-UP: From space, the planet Mira looks safe and peaceful, but mysterious “dragons” slaughtered the fourteen members of the first expedition.  Captain Jordan, leading the second expedition to investigate this tragedy, will do anything to avoid more bloodshed. After their ship lands, they discover a lovely Eden.  While there is no sign  of the previous crew, soon a deadly snake enters the garden.  Crew members start to die in horrible ways, and Jordan fears his officers have been replaced with clever imitations by an unimaginably alien monster with supremely evil powers. The question is, what will happen when Jordan and the monster finally come face to face?

Excerpt: He smiled. The lieutenant was such a gentle, honest man, that she couldn’t imagine him hurting a flea. With Rob Adams, what you saw was what you got. Unlike other men, he’d never hurt or disappointed her. Still, if they were caught, their affair would probably bring them both a court-martial. So she had to be careful even with him.

Troubled, she turned back to the scope while his hands gently began to massage her shoulders. One descended and caressed her breast. She pulled away. Ordinarily she would have liked it, but something about him seemed wrong.

“Everything all right?” he asked.

She shivered. “I…I’m not sure. You seem different somehow.”

“Different? What do you mean?” His hand found her breast and started to caress it again.

“I can’t explain it. You’re just…not the same.”

His hand froze. He hissed, a strange sound that made her skin crawl. “No matter how hard I try,” he said, “you never accept me.”


Time Travel into the past — Editor’s Top Pick (Musa Publishing)  John B. Rosenman, Writer fd89bcfd78cafba0b32fff22511b40ec  John B. Rosenman, Writer   Available at . . .                                            Tagline: Diana travels into the past to save the man she loves, but is she a match for the killers who police the timelines?

Blurb: What comes first, love or duty?  Diana, a 24th century Supervisor of time travel, learns that Dero is taking unauthorized trips into the past.  She knows she should arrest him, but she loves him too much.  Obsessed, she follows him repeatedly into the distant past to save him from the machine-like killers that police the timelines.

One day he goes too far, threatening the delicate fabric of history itself, and Diana must make a terrible decision.


They look just like everybody else, except to me. Even when they move, they’re fixed islands in the sea of time, their false human faces following me even if they’re looking elsewhere. Somehow I always know their cold eyes are watching, that they don’t belong in the world I find myself in either. In whatever time period I send myself to.

As for the current period, it’s Vienna, 1782. Time travel is an imperfect science, but the Chroneton has landed me exactly where it was supposed to: in an empty, musty alley off a busy cobblestone street near the heart of the city.

Unobserved, I suppress a sneeze and venture out into the ferment of a vital land. Men move about in white powdered wigs and fancy waistcoats, wearing tricorn hats and lace at their wrists and throats.

A shopkeeper shouts, and a woman laughs. A fancy red carriage rolls past, pulled by matching bay horses. One of them snorts at me and flicks his tail as if he knows I don’t belong here.

A young woman barely thirty, I clutch the parasol I snatched from Wardrobe and try to look older so as not to attract attention. I feel swallowed up in petticoats, which makes it hard to navigate the street, and the fact that one of my heels is loose doesn’t help. The smell of the place is decidedly bad—raw sewage in a gutter, the smell of unwashed bodies beneath the perfume. I remember from my research that even higher-class people bathe only a few times a year. Hopefully, it won’t take me that long to get through decon when I return. The odds of running into Dero are slim, and I’m even less likely to find Amadeus, the reason Dero tripped to this place and time.

Vienna may not be a modern city, but it’s spacious and labyrinthine. Mozart frequented this particular quarter, which boasts high-end shops selling assorted sleaze and a perversion for every palate.

Odds, as they say, are made to be broken, and I spot Dero five minutes after I almost trip on a jagged cobblestone. Six foot three and muscular, Dero stands out in this runty, malnourished era, but he carries himself with such careless pride, he dissolves suspicion even as he encourages it. His handsome face flashes with smiles, and he laughs in a rich baritone that proclaims him to be a Lord of Earth, at home in every century. Maybe in the Pleistocene, he would strike you as being a tad out of place, but five seconds wrapped in his spell would douse all doubts, no matter how heavy.

Of course, I’ve time-tripped here instead of reporting him because I’m madly in love. Despite my secret shame, I cannot resist pursuing him into the past like a smitten bloodhound. I feel degraded by my passion, but without him life would be tedious.


Cosmic SF — Spiritual and Mind-stretching Wonders of the Universe


Cover by the incomparable artist: Delilah K. Stephans

Available at Muse It Up Publishing


Captain Temple leads a mission to K22 and finds a beautiful planet with magnificent shining cities – potentially a lucrative new market for the Merchants Guild.There’s just one problem: the cities are mysteriously empty.  He can’t find even one survivor, which means the planet is off-limits to commercial exploitation and cannot be used to achieve financial profits in any way. Soon Temple discovers an even greater problem, one that is strange and ominous and threatens his crew’s very survival.Not only that, the story is an incredible cosmic mind-stretcher that strains sanity to the breaking point and presents a totally new view of the endless wonders of the universe.  


 A Magic Trumpet — But when you play it, is the music divine or demonic?

Music Man

A short story formerly published by XoXo Publishing              

Tagline: If you keep searching and don’t lose faith, at the very next house, or the one     after it, all your dreams may come true.)

Excerpt: He had been to nine yard sales in his neighborhood and was cruising now down streets he had never seen before, his eyes peeled for riches.  Now and then the November wind swept icily through his window, but he barely noticed.

“Bill, would you close that window?” Marge said.  “We’ll freeze to death in here!”

Of course he didn’t close it.  With the window up, the sun’s glare could make him miss something.  After all, not everyone had the decency to erect large, legible signs.  From personal experience he knew that some were little more than postage stamps and scrawled with crayon on everything from paper bags to Kleenex.  And those were precisely the ones he couldn’t afford to pass up!  Once he had almost ignored a childish scribble on what looked like a piece of toilet paper, only to turn in at the last moment.  He smiled, relieved all over again that he hadn’t missed the swivel desk chair in the back of the garage.  It had been pure oak, and with a little Pledge and elbow grease, he had polished it to a high sheen — an absolute steal at $17.50! Yes, it all went to show that you never knew what you were likely to pass up.  The most unpromising place could prove to be — Xanadu.

“Mom, can we go home now?”


Adult, Erotic Romance — Supernatural Seduction

steam-heat-333x500 - Copy

REVIEW: And I thought the south was steamy…not next to this book., September 2, 2013
This review is from: Steam Heat (Kindle Edition)

John B.Rosenman is a very prolific, scary author who weaves stories with potent and all too often, bone rattling intensity. From out of left field this man can chill your blood while at the same moment heat up the center of your libido. STEAM HEAT  –  Passion; beyond the realm of simple Dark Fantasy…   CREEPY! John B. Rosenman, Author

Chad Benson, a rugged construction worker, has always had his way with women until a mysterious, irresistible visitor blindfolds and seduces him in a steam room.  She compels him to make an ominous promise to accept the consequences of their union, whatever they might be. For the first time, Chad becomes obsessed with a member of the opposite sex and roams the health spa, seeking the red-haired girl who he believes is his seducer.  The totally new experience of falling in love is an emotion he’ll desperately need when he faces a deadly evil.

EXCERPT: After a good hot spray he entered the steam room, finding it empty.  Climbing in his swim trunks to the top level of the multi-tiered wooden bench, he looked around. Heavy steam filled the air, partly obscuring his view of the pool through the floor-to-ceiling window.  At best, he could make out only a few swimmers. Ah, the heat felt good!  He’d sweat a bit and decide who he’d see this weekend.  Maybe someone kinky like Michelle.

Lying down, he covered his eyes with his towel. His chest rose and fell in the hot, humid air. The door opened and closed. Listening, he could hear no footsteps. How odd. Was the person simply standing there? As he started to remove his towel, a hand caught his.

“I don’t want you to see,” a soft voice said.


“No, Chad.  It spoils the fun.”

It was the redhead! Obviously, she’d seen him watching her and had dumped her loser before finding out his name.

He grinned. “Can’t I even peek?”

“No, it could prove dangerous. After all, I might be Medusa.”

He laughed, imagining her lovely face. “Hey, come on. If you looked at Medusa—”

“Shhh.  Don’t even say it.”

Fingers slid behind his head, tying his towel securely so he couldn’t pull it off.  A moment later, he felt sharp nails glide down his chest and stomach and start to remove his trunks.

“Hey!” “What’s the matter? Don’t you like to live dangerously?”

What was with this girl? Having her strip him while he was blindfolded put him at a decided disadvantage, put her in control. What’s more, they were practically in plain sight! Any moment someone could come in.


Something in her voice stilled his protest, soothed it away.

“Okay,” he shrugged.  “Only you get to peek and I don’t.  It hardly seems fair.”

Her hand took his and glided it along a smooth, bare thigh, up her stomach to her breasts. He caught his breath.

She was naked!

BUY LINKS: MuseItUp Publishing at at


What if you contracted a mysterious disease that made everyone fear you? Winner of Preditor and Editor’s 2010 Reader’s Poll for Best Science Fiction Fantasy Short Story: shortstorysf


BohHGohE_333X500 - Copy FIVE STARS for this powerful, thought provoking short story. ******************************************************************************* Here’s a blog I published on MuseItUp Publishing’s site about the plight of Rachel Ross, the character in the story.

Pray for Rachel Ross

My name is Rachel Ross, and my life is good. I have a loving husband and a job that helps others and gives me satisfaction. Then one day I notice a growth on my left breast. No, it isn’t cancer. I only wish it were. It is something far, far worse. A deadly, mysterious disease infinitely more horrible than cancer or leprosy. A disease so terrible that no one dares to speak its name or even mention it.

When my husband hears my diagnosis, he leaves me cold. All my friends shun me, and I am forced to wear a blood red symbol of my disease on my breast. I am the ultimate outcast, a lonely woman hungry for love that people fear and scorn. If I even try to speak to them, they will scream, throw rocks and run. Then one day I start to change. And change. And change. What am I changing into?

As the weeks pass, I think I am turning into some kind of a horrible monster. Or perhaps ultimately it will be something transcendent, beyond humanity’s wildest imagination. Either way I am terrified and miserable. Yet I cannot take the pill to end my life which the State eagerly offers me.

The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes is suspenseful, science-fiction horror, published by MuseItUp Publishing ( It reflects an obsessive theme in my fiction: the theme of transformation. In this story, I take that theme or concept about as far as I can. I try to stretch readers’ minds to the breaking point and beyond. There are only a few stories I’ve written that rival this novelette when it comes to transformation, and one of them is More Stately Mansions, a cosmic, science-fiction novelette published by the same publisher.  Remember the song, “Across the Universe”? Well, I try to take us even further. Perhaps I’ll write about it next time if I don’t undergo a sea change of my own.


Neo-Catholicism in the Far Future

Father Peter, a Neo-Catholic priest, tries to bring a beautiful and peaceful but nonspiritual species to God through extraordinary musical means.  Is he wise to do so, or is he foolish to meddle?


Available at Amazon.

Reviewer: Clayton Bye

Buy Now from

Father Peter, the namesake of Christ’s original fisher of souls, has been bringing the words of the Messiah so deep into the cosmos, and for so long, that a thousand years have passed on Earth. Never in all that time has Peter found a race so immune to the concepts he preaches as the natives of Duran, a people known as the Humana. They are a beautiful, perfect race of mild emotions and manners. No war. No vices. No religion.

In a moment of enlightenment (or wishful thinking) the priest decides to support efforts to bring a SoulSinger (think of a giant praying mantis with lots of claws) to Duran to perform for the Humana. Legend says the creature can use his music to reach the deepest parts of the soul and release what is found there. If this is true, then Father Peter knows he’ll finally get his chance to religiously attend to the mild and beautiful race. You see, he knows their history; he knows they were once an emotional and warring people. If the SoulSinger can reach that core of emotion, Peter believes his religion will as well.

But Father Peter is naive. He doesn’t stop to think that Xanthu, the SoulSinger, might have an agenda. Nor does he remember a lesson all children know well: once you take something out of its container, it may prove to be impossible to put back.

What happens when the people of Duran hear the SoulSinger play his music is a terrible yet interesting commentary about influencing other cultures. But most of all, I believe John B. Rosenman’s The Voice of Many Waters is a powerful metaphor for the good and evil which may be loosed or dredged up from the depths of all those who have souls. These many waters have been the target (for thousands of years) of Evangelists who understand what roils beneath these surfaces. And we all know the terrible things that have been done in the name of religion. What would happen if an alien with the ability to access and manipulate what lies in those depths decided to put on the mantle of the Messiah, to become the voice of the one true God?

As The Voice of Many Waters is a novelette you can easily read in one sitting, why don’t you answer that question for yourself? John Rosenman is a talented and experienced writer who always entertains—even when he has something important to say.

Copyright © Clayton Clifford Bye 2010


Sex and Ghosts

Warning: this ghost story contains Sex, Adultery, a Haunted House, and Twisted Psychology.   Available at

wet-dreams-333x500 As a writer, I believe this may be my darkest story, for it delves not only into sex, ghosts, and the supernatural, but into the deepest and most hidden recesses of twisted human psychology.  Beware, gentle reader.

Blurb: A summer-long vacation and a lavish mansion in the country to enjoy it in.  What could possibly go wrong?  For John and Karen Santos, it provides a wonderful opportunity to heal their marriage, which has been damaged by John’s infidelity.While there, they sleep in a waterbed surrounded by ghostly, watchful  mirrors.  In a dream, John is visited by Laura Martin, the wife of Rex Martin, the mansion’s previous owner.  Soon sex and murder embrace in a dark, twisted psychodrama, and John confronts an age-old question: Does anyone ever really know another person, even if you’re married to her?EXCERPT: An hour later, he lay back naked and basked in the afterglow.  Karen herself turned off the lights and snuggled happily against him, both their bodies covered by a single sheet.  Like him, she was exhausted and drenched with sweat.  He listened to her breathing slow and descend toward sleep.  
Mirrors.  We’re surrounded by mirrors here.             Eyes closed, he thought of their coupling, entangled bodies, which they had seen reflected from many positions: he above her, then behind, Karen above, and then receiving him sideways.  He started to smile but found himself imagining their own images watching them in the shadows like second selves.  Who knows, perhaps their alter egos would wait till they slept and then creep into their bodies and possess their souls.  And, in the morning, when they awoke…                                                                                                              Where had he gotten such a weird idea?  He tried to puzzle it out, but sleep soon stole upon him.


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  • By John B. Rosenman
  • Narrated by Aze Fellner
  • Length: 9 hrs and 50 mins
  • Release Date: 10-10-14



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1. Three Hundred Short Stories — A List in Progress

Poems, Articles, Places and Dates of Publication To Be Added Later


John B. Rosenman Short Story Guide


9 Vials of Blood         The Speed of Dark A Little Madness       Isotropic Fiction
After Images
After School     
And So To Bed                       For “9  Vials of Blood” in The Speed of Dark
The Awakening                                              (Came in Third Place).
Baby and Me    in     It Lives
Bad News
Bang Two
The Beauty Killer                                   
The Bee Charmer
Between Missions
The Birthmark
The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes
Born Again
Bug Spray
By Any Other Name
Cain’s Wife
Casualties of the War         Voluted Tales
Channel X
Childhood’s Day                     Gypsy Shadow Publishing
The Chosen
The Corridor (with multiple authors)
Critic’s Choice
Crystal Clear
A Cure for Migraines
Daniel, My Son
Dark Angel
Dark Twin
Diana in the Rain
Don’t Look
Down from Oz
Do You Like Me That Way, Baby?
Dream Lover
Drop-ins and Drop-outs
E-pistles from the Gods          Spirit Legends  
Even Saints and Angels           Hot Blood
Eyes of Darkness
Fallen Petals
Father Dearest
Fear No Evil
A Fear of Dying
Feathery Kisses
Feed Us a Live Insect
Free Air
Freudd’s Gambit
Fruit Candy
Future Shock
The Game of Dart and Tago
The Girl That I Marry
Good Food, Good Folks
Heart Shaped Kisses
Hold the Lettuce
Hot Phosphor
How Does You Garden Grow?
The Human Factor
I Dream of Jookshank
I LUV RT                                    The Call of Lovecraft; 2012; Ed. Gregory L. Norris  
In His Own Image
In Man’s Image
Inspector of the Cross
Jesse’s Hair
Karma in a Drainpipe
                                           “Killers” came in Ninth Place.
The Last Snowman
The Lazarus Trick
Light of Distant Days
A Little More Left and You’ll Just About Have It
Love of Life
Love Story
Magic Hands
Making Love
The Man Who Could See Forever
The Man Who Could Walk on Walls
Marcus in the Morning
Mazzarelli on Mars
Meeting Mr. Wright
A Mingling of Souls
Momma’s Boy
More Stately Mansions
The Mouth
Music Man
A Mustard Seed of Hope
My Father’s Hands
New Oldies
Nine Nights
No Dominion
None So Blind
No Such Thing as the Devil
Not in Our Stars
Only a Stone
Parlor Games
The Patriot
Perchance to Dream
A Perfect Day for Babyfish
Perfect Woman
Pet Talk
A Piece of My Mind
A Place to Stand
The Power
Praise Him with Timbrel and Dance
A Prisoner of Ulandi
Private Parts
Queen of Darkness
Rattle Them Bones
Reality Clay
Red Light Special
Rock of Ages
Rounded with A Sleep
Second Spring
Security Check
A Sense of Vocation
The Seventh Victim
Side Effect
The Silences
Skin Deep
Slow to Catch on
Small Craft Advisory
The Smile in Her Eyes                    Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road
The Smile on Hitler’s Face
Sniper Heaven
Something to Remember Me By
Soul Bright
Spatter Birth
Steam Heat
Stranded in Paradise
Strange Eyes and Little Feet
Sugar and Spice                                Thirteen Stories, June 2003; Issue 10    
Survival of the Fittest
Sweet Dreams
T for Tantalus
The Face                                            Voluted Tales, Fall 2013                                
Three Pounds of Garlic in a
Dead Man’s Hand
Through a Glass, Brightly          Peep Show, Vol. 1; 2004
‘Till Death
Time Has Many Faces
A Time to Reap
To Live Forever
To Reign in Hell
A Touch of Magic
Trick or Treat
Two Moons East of Tomorrow
The Ultimate Melody
Until Time Cracks
The Vacation
The Voice of Many Waters
Warm Cuts
Wet Dreams
When a Rose Sings
When The Mad God Wakes
When You Love, When You Care
Where is Thy Sting?
Where or When.
Wild Talent
Wish You Were Dead
Wizard’s Duel                                Shadows & Light: Tales of Lost Kingdoms, 2009
World Enough, and Time
Writer’s Block
                                                                       2. POEMS
      4510547311_9f944b535e - Copy

          After We Met                                                                                                                                     Ahab Reborn                                                                                                                                     The Burgler                                                                                                                                        Cartoon World                                                                                                                                 The Eating Habits of Glowworms                                                                                             Electric Shock

          First Prize: Photography Contest
          Freshman Registration
          The Girl More Naked Than Naked
          Goddess from the Sea
          If God Were an Imagist Poem
          Loring Park Lake at Sunset
          Moron I
          Moron II
          One of Those Days                                    The Massachusetts Review, 1967
          Ozymandias: A Dissenting Opinion
          Passing Girl
          Pitching Horseshoes
          Spore Son
          Strung Out on a Blast
          The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes    shortstorysf
          This Poem
          This Poem Got Away
          To an Old Teacher
          To a Scholar, To Make Much of These Lines
          A Tribute to Charlie Smith: (1842-)
          Watch out for Fictionman
                                                                     3. ARTICLES
                                                                                                                                                             1.      “Pregnant Boys and Knocked-Up Studs: the Gender-Bending
Phenomenon in Contemporary Culture.” Cultural Studies and the Standards of Learning.” Ed. Gladys C. Heard.  145-153.  1999.


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